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Guard and Dance

CPMS Dance and Flag Clinic
Dates: 4/30, 5/2, 5/7, 5/9
Time: 6:00pm-7:30pm, parent performance at 7:30 on 5/9
Location: CPMS (LGI or Comp Gym)
Cost: $40

This clinic is open to current 5th, 6th, and 7th graders. Join us to learn about dance, spinning a flag, and have a great time with current dance team and color guard members. The cost includes the 4 day clinic, a t-shirt to perform in, and a pizza dinner on the last day. 
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WCHS Guard and Dance Program

Program Information Frequently Asked Questions Important Documents

What the WCHS Guard and Dance Program has to offer!

  • Dance Performance class – all students wanting to be a part of the dance team must take this class. Marching and winter guard students are required to take the class, as well, unless they have a valid scheduling conflict that cannot be changed. (That can mean they have reduced responsibilities in the show, or can only qualify for the JV winter group, etc.)

    The class is for our ensemble members. We do allow other students to join first semester provided they are serious about wanting to audition into the dance team or winter guard for second semester and want some training toward achieving that goal. Second semester will only be for our ensemble members.
  • Blue Revue Dance Team – audition based group that performs at football and basketball games. They learn and perfect 5-7 dances throughout the year.
  • Marching Warrior Guard – audition based group that performs with the marching band at football games and competitions. The color guard performs skills involving dance and spinning flags, rifles, and/or sabres.
  • Warrior Winter Guard – audition based group that competes in the winter. Unlike marching band, this involves only the guard performing their own show in a gym to pre-recorded music. Note: Students participate in both marching and winter guard unless they qualify for an exemption from a season. (More information will be available on that at the callout meeting)
  • Recital – in the spring we have a guard and dance recital. Students in the class create their own pieces in small groups. There are also extracurricular dance classes who learn a dance piece in different styles. Those styles may include tap, jazz, ballet, modern/contemporary, hip-hop, and ballroom dance.

Callout meetings for those interested in auditioning for Dance Team and/or Color Guard will take place on 3/21 and 4/9 at 6-8:30pm at the WCHS NORTH building (enter through door 4, which is behind Taco Bell).

There will be additional practices before the audition happening on 4/25. (More information will be given out at the callout meeting.)

If a student can’t make the callout meeting, they can still come to the next practice to get the information. If the student has a conflict with any of the dates – even the audition – just communicate that to us and we will work with you as much as possible.

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Guard and Dance FAQs

Who is allowed to audition?

  • Anyone in 8th -11th grade! Dancers, gymnasts, and musicians all take to the activity well, but no
    experience is required! We will teach you everything you need!

I schedule classes before auditions happen…what do I do?

  • We strongly encourage you to enroll in the Dance Performance class if you intend to audition.
    Your schedule can be changed after auditions if needed.

Can I do both dance team and color guard?

  • Absolutely! We have several members involved in both! And since dance team rehearses
    mainly during class with only a few outside of class practices, it won’t take up much extra time outside
    of school hours, which makes it a great option for members of the color guard, cheer, or students who
    spend hours in their dance studios!

What if I’m involved in other activities?

  • For dance team that is usually not an issue. For the guard ensembles – we have several students
    involved in band, choir, dance, athletics, etc. There may be some activities that the schedules won’t
    align, but in most cases we can usually work with you. You can discuss the details of your activity
    schedules in person at the callout meeting!

I’m in band – can I also do guard?

  • We have several students who do both! You have the option of marching your instrument and
    doing winter guard or marching guard the whole year. You would still be in your concert band class all
    year long, so you won’t have to give up your instrument! (3 out of the 4 guard staff members played
    and instrument and were also in guard, and currently almost half our guard also in band!)

What are the benefits of color guard?

  • So many! Gaining patience, building the skill of working toward a long-term goal, teamwork
    skills, increase hand-eye coordination, exercise and building strength, learning time management skills,
    earn a gym waiver, earn a letter, and create friendships and memories that will last a lifetime!

What if I’m worried about taking on too much as a Freshman?

  • We can understand that worry! However, most of our freshmen find they come into high school
    already knowing many students, being somewhat familiar with the facilities, and having many
    upperclassmen friends who can help them find their way around and answer questions. We’ve even
    had upperclassmen help tutor younger members who needed help in one of their classes!

If you have any additional questions, email jsampson@cpcsc.k12.in.us

Important Documents

2024 Guard/Dance Audition Flyer
2024 March-May Calendar



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